Everything is Awkwardly Epic

Nice to meet you , Im Samone. By my looks I look 12 about really im 16.

Im in FREAKING love with Justin Bieber. So duh IM A BELIEBERS! I aint crazy tho
I love every fandom and love everything. I love ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING HILARIOUS! so if it funny you know ima re-blog it.

If you know me im really down to earth. I look at your heart. Not you background. Having common sense is a big part of that. You shouldnt let things get to you. I know who I am and not will ever change that. Im hate bullies. its one thing to be a hater and then be a bully.

When I saw in elementary school I guess you could say I was bullied. I didn't know what bullying was so I didn't know what are happening I was never hurt and cried cause I didn't know what was going on.When I told my mom was going on she told me that they were being mean. I actually really didn't care. I had friends and didn't really get bullies. This girl in my class at the time I told her that they made me sad cause they took advantage of my friendship then later on she threw it back in my face. and they only thing I had to say was "I changed I don't let people effect me but thanks now I know who my friends are" and I smiled at her.This was in 5th grade im in the 11th grade now. I talk to her and I forgave her. but we are friends like that. I just learn from that experience. That not everyone is gonna like me, or will respect me, or ever speak nice about me behind my back. But doesn't that mean that I don't still think about it? No I still do but I cant let things like that get to me. I love myself for who I am. im goofy, funny, nice. Laughter is my joy and no one can take it away from me.

So I you ever need someone to talk too or questions just ask don't be shy.

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